Pre-launch of Moon Birdie

Crowd1 members, listen up!

The pre-launch of the cool new product Moon Birdie has begun! The partnership is long awaited, and we truly can't wait to see what the future will look like for Moon Birdie and its users. Crowd1 is a modern, forward thinking company that is open to partnerships with equally pioneering companies, like Moon Birdie!

What is Moon Birdie?

Moon Birdie is not only the greatest crypto education platform, it is also the only one that you will ever need. Moon Birdie strives to make the world of blockchain and crypto as easy to understand as possible. Sounds pretty great, right? To make the learning process as smooth as possible, Moon Birdie operates through three main pillars: Newsletters, Academy and Top Deals. More information about these pillars, the entire foundation of the product, will be shared soon. It is through these pillars that Moon Birdie is able to turn all of its users into crypto pros in no time!

To find out more information about Moon Birdie and what the promotion means for Crowd1 members, login to your Crowd1 back office and read the news "Hello Moon Birdie" published April 1st.

Link to news.