Qualities of A Great Leader

While some people were born to be leaders, most of us weren’t. We all know what defines a good or even a great leader, but becoming one ourselves may not seem simple. Guess what; it is! Just like any other skill, leadership can be learnt.  All leaders are individuals who have different talents, strengths and weaknesses but there are a few general qualities that anyone can benefit from. Keep reading to find out more.

Skills in strategic and analytical thinking

A strong leader will be able to objectively evaluate the organization or team in which they operate and acquire a solid understanding of its strengths, flaws, opportunities, and dangers (and how they as an individual can work to support or overcome these). They'll be able to make course changes as needed and analyze their work to see how it fits into the larger corporate strategy and goals.


Leading by Example

Although leading by example appears to be simple, few leaders follow through. Successful leaders are aware of their actions and preach what they teach. They are aware that all their actions influence the attitude and performance of their employees. By setting an example, employee moral spikes and help increase productivity as well as company loyalty.



One of the most important and useful traits of a successful leader is  courage. A leader that is courageous is  prepared to take risks in order to reach goals, even if they don't know if they'll succeed. Because there is no such thing as certainty in life or business, every promise and every action comes with a risk. A courageous leader who is passionate about their cause will have a positive impact on their employees or co-workers too.

Great Teachers

Many employees will tell you that their bosses have lost their ability to teach. Because they are so self-motivated to learn, successful leaders never stop teaching. They utilize statistics, trends, and other newsworthy topics to keep their colleagues well-informed and aware. Successful leaders devote time and resources to mentoring and sponsoring colleagues who have demonstrated their ability and desire to grow.