World Recognition Event Recap

On the 10th of October, it was time for yet another Online Recognition Event. Filled with amazing inspiration in the form of motivational speeches, product launches, upgrades and prizes. If you weren’t able to attend the event, do not worry as this recap of the event will shine light of anything and everything that the event presented. Including celebrating the online networking revolution that is Crowd1.

Hosts and moderators Sabinije von Gaffke, Alice Svensson and Karl Dyall started off by introducing the event with the theme of going back to the basics. The purpose of the event is not only to show member recognition but also to help explain all of the different parts of Crowd1 and what it has to offer. This is in order to make sure that each and every Crowd1 member has to.  so that every member can perform at their best with the tools available. 

Event Introduction

We encourage everyone watching the events to post pictures of themselves watching. We at Crowd1 are curious to see who you are and how you decide to look at the events. It is possible to enter how many of you are watching the event, so make sure to enter the total number so that we can all, together, help break old records and set new ones.

Miggster pre-launch

Social gaming expert Sverker Caron introduced the exciting pre launch of gaming platform Miggster. Even though the official Miggster launch is on the 14th of November, to Crowd1 members it has already begun. Starting from October 10th, all Crowd1 members can register in the back office and invite their friends for early access. The best part is that from today it is free without additional charge and with no commitment to buy anything.

As previously mentioned on the global news update, the Miggster marketing spinner is now available for everyone registered on Miggster. When you invite one friend, you reach level 1 and when you invite five friends you reach level 5. When you have reached the top level, level 5, you will be able to compete with others who have reached that level.

A feature of the Miggster spinner is the real time leaderboard where you can see what needs to be done to reach the top. The more invitations you have the higher your rank will be and the higher the rank, the earlier you will receive access to Miggster. All members of all levels will be rewarded with prizes so make sure to stay tuned and register to Miggster in your back office today!

So, as a Crowd1 member what should you do?

First step, starting now until the next event, help your crowd grow by continuing to spread the word of Crowd1. Step two, invite all of your friends to join Miggster. The countdown has begun and we are now more excited than ever before.

Educational Package

One of the most major changes happening from right now until the end of the year is regarding the educational package. From now on, it is no longer going to be called an educational package. We introduce to you, the Crowd1 Entrepreneurial package. The name change is due to the fact that the package provides so much more than a simple education. In the near future, the education will be updated and additional knowledge will be implemented into the already existing platform. The platform is evolving and the price will always be at only 100 usd. The app will be updated and improved; with no extra cost.

“Knowledge is never heavy to carry”

The package is meant to help you move from where you are to where you want to be as well as help remove the digital divide between developed and undeveloped countries.

The Journey

Throughout the event, we got to follow the journey of Johan Staël von Holstein as he hiked to the top of mountain La Concha. The segments helped show that the destination isn’t always the most important thing; the journey is. No mountain is ever too large to conquer.

C-store & Products

Hanna Kimblad held a presentation where she thoroughly explained the C-store, existing Crowd1 products and how to use them. It is a very useful presentation to look at for anyone who is unsure about either the C-store or any of the products. 

Frida Boisen

Social media expert Frida Boisen held a speech discussing the importance of togetherness and helping each other out. She explained how connecting through social gaming can be of importance and helpful to anyone, no matter the age. She for instance taught the principle of “ARC” which stands for Ask, Respect and Communication.

George van Wijk

Crowd1 member George van Wijk held a presentation explaining how to start your Crowd1 journey successfully. He shared important advice from his own experiences and how to set up goals. He urged members to make use of existing products and tools, like buying the magazine.

Sunday School Exam

This segment was presented by Peter Jakobsson who held a Sunday school exam with three different Crowd1 members. Alan Platt (Uk) who is a President 2 star, Lotta Spjuth (Sweden) who is a Director 3 star and Munir Jannedy (Germany) who is a President 1 star.A fun, game-show like segment where Peter Jakobsson asked questions about quotes from his own Sunday school.

Jonas Werner

Crowd1 founder, Jonas.E Werner gave us a teaser of what will be brought to Crowd1 in the future, more precisely in 2021.

“In 2021, we will go big!”

So, what are we looking forward to? New product launches, bigger events and new promotions. This is not all, as the company will work even harder to provide a new level of entertainment and communication. It is a journey you do not want to miss out on; join us in the next chapter of Crowd1.


The event offered performances by Linda Pritchard, hip-hop group Panetoz and singer Meira Omar. More information about the performances will be published in the Wednesday blog post on the 14th of October.