Spotlight: Angshuman Saha

Every month, leaders are stepping up and working harder than ever to educate, grow their business, and most of all, inspire. It is because of people like them, that Crowd1 has become what it is today. This is a chance to get to know the people behind the success.

What is your background like?

I am a former sportsman who played for my country. I then took the step into the family business and later into network marketing.

How did you get to where you are now?

I had a very clear 'why,' hard work and duplication. I took two full days only to study the business and then I decided to go 100%. I worked day and night without sleeping together with my leaders. By duplicating and working together with my team, having meetings and training live and daily Zooms, we have grown to many, many countries.

Choose a superpower, and why?

My superpower is that I never give up. My family is also my superpower because they always fuel me up for transforming lives around me.

Who inspires you?

My father and wife. I also get inspired by those who tell me I can't do something because I will prove them wrong.

What inspires you?

My failures because I learn from them.

What do you work towards in your free time?

I want to be a source of support for society and give back to the community and people that need it.

What has been going through your mind lately?

Be the energy you want to attract.