Spotlight: Jeanette Torres

Every month, leaders are stepping up and working harder than ever to educate, grow their business, and most of all, inspire. It is because of people like them that make Crowd1 the incredible network that it is. This is a chance to get to know the people behind the success.

What is your background like?

I am a former actress from childhood to 27 years old. I then joined a company as a trainer. I left this career when someone introduced me to the concept of networking. I have never looked back since as I earned my 1st million in networking

What have been the biggest challenges?

I am not very techie, but I have learnt with being open to learn more and just basic IQ. Everything can be learnt. Our business is an app online and we use the smartphone that has so many different facets. I tried to learn all I could along the way after I joined. Plus, I focused on only Crowd1 and did not do any other business as it was pioneering, and I am a pioneer in Asia. No other company was able to persuade me to join them. I was all in with Crowd1.

If you could coach your younger-self, what would you tell them?

Millions and success can be achieved with focus and relentlessness.

“Believe in your abilities, find inner peace and trust your instinct.”

Choose a superpower, and why?

A super power I’d wish to have is to read people’s thoughts, especially what’s coming from the heart. You will know how to close every deal, motivate them eternally and only let those with good motives join my team. As someone spiritual, I can say I have been given a little gift of discernment that I use in my life and this is how I ended up joining Crowd Pioneers early on.

Who inspires you?

Jesus. My account was named after Him. He is the greatest Networker that ever lived on the planet. He had 12 disciples and multitudes gathered around him when he spoke. He taught even fishermen how to fish.

What inspires you?

Goodness. Good people inspire me.

What is the best advice you have received?

People will not believe until they see you care. For me, caring is how trust is earned.

Our world is progressing and we are more online. With this in mind, how do you make real connections?

I make real connections by being relevant to people and accessible online to my friends and business partners across the Globe. They will find me always online.

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