Staël speaks out - Health in focus

The serial entrepreneur and visionary Johan Staël von Holstein resigned this week from his role in TIM (formerly ICT Group) due to health reasons. This surprising activity is something that raised questions both internally and externally- IT-Kanalen has received an exclusive interview with Johan, where he candidly talks about this difficult but important decision.

What happened, and how are you?
  • It has been intense and demanding for a long time, as it often is when building companies and creating rapid growth. Despite Corona, I am super happy with my work and the development of TIM. We have recruited a fantastic and extremely competent management team in Madrid and set up a well-functioning organization that is ready to run the business further. We have about a hundred passionate employees who work really hard to achieve the vision and goals. Therefore, it is regrettable that time and time again, it is discredited in the media. TIM has developed unique offers with great potential. All in all, with all the work and stress, the pressure became too great for me. I have a history of heart problems and also contracted Corona this spring. Johan answers with a sigh and continues:

  • It was simply not possible to continue anymore. In the end, health is absolutely the most important thing, and I have to think about my family as well. I pulled the handbrake in time and am already starting to feel much better, but it will take some time before I am back in top shape.

You suggest that your state of health is partly the fault of the media. What do you mean by that?
  • Well, not the media's fault per se. It's unfair to drag an entire corps of journalists over a ridge. But there are some journalists who are utterly uninterested in the truth and my perspective when writing. Lies do not come true because they are repeated often enough, and what some journalists write does not come true just because they write them. I claim this with conviction and that they have already decided on an angle to be able to produce click-friendly headlines, regardless of the consequences these fantasies and speculations have for the individuals and businesses they represent. I have repeatedly been wrongly pointed out as CEO of Crowd1, even though I worked for another company (TIM, the editor's report) that only serves Crowd1 with products and services. Providing Crowd1 with products is a fantastic potential for both companies, but I am not, and have never been, the CEO of Crowd1. The whole criticism of Crowd1 is based on the need for products, which is TIM's total focus; to find the products that members need to be able to influence their own everyday lives and have a real opportunity to make money. TIM offers them the tools to support themselves, but of course, they then have to do the work themselves. As you know, you have to work and sell to be able to make money as a salesman.

So what's the plan ahead for you?
  • In the near future, I am only focused on my recovery and plan to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my family. After that, I look forward to following TIM's and Crowd1's continued impressive growth and development from the sidelines. I believe in the power of inspiration and motivation, and will certainly make guest appearances as an inspirer at the companies' events next year. This is something I, if my health allows, have already agreed with the board. It should also be added that you never know what the future holds. But he who lives will see.