Stay Safe Online!

We live in a digital age, which means that more and more processes are taking place online. It is therefore important to know how to prevent online fraud and be safe.

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Unfortunately, several times dishonest people have posed as being part of Crowd1 for their own purposes. This is unfortunate, as it discredits both Crowd1's brand and the reputations of all of its honest, hardworking Affiliates. Even though 100 people behave accordingly, it is the exception that will be focused on.

These people have scammed others through fake Facebook ads directing people to a “Crowd1'' WhatsApp group. Once in the WhatsApp group, victims are asked to pay a large amount of money that is said to double in an extremely short amount of time. These ads were not created by Crowd1, but are made to look like they were. 

This is an example of an actual fake Crowd1 scam message. You will never see a message like this from any of Crowd1's official channels.


CROWD1 is an investment platform that gives you double of whatever you invest in 2 hours time. How it works We trade with the investment on Crypto currency, also known as Bitcoin and other fast mining coins once the mining drop it come with 300%, But 200% is for you the investor and 100% is the company commission When traded with Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Kuwait currency, We make triple (3) of your investment and send you two part, while  we benefit one part for example if you invest with 50,000 within 2 hours the mining drops and we make profit of 150,000. We then send 100,000 to you then profit of 50,000 is for Crowd1 Investment


5,000 —— 10,000

10,000 —— 20, 000

20,000 —— 40,000

40,000 —— 80,000

50,000 —— 100,000

100,000 —— 200,000"

If you are unsure whether a message you have received is authentic or not, please contact Crowd1 Compliance directly or send us a message on Facebook. We always do our best to respond as soon as possible. Follow this link for a curated list of websites that have been blacklisted by Crowd1 Compliance.

Please note that:

Crowd1 does not operate through WhatsApp

Crowd is not an investment opportunity, nor has it ever claimed to be one. You will never be asked to invest in Crowd1.

If you are approached by someone claiming to be a Crowd1 Affiliate, make sure you do your own research first. This is recommended to anyone interested in becoming an Affiliate; always make sure you research the company and understand the business. The official website of Crowd1 provides a lot of useful information, as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Those interested can listen to the words of other Crowd1 Affiliates on Crowd1's official YouTube channel, which includes a playlist full of affiliate testimonials.

Signing up for Crowd1 is 100% free. If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, you need to sign up through Crowd1’s official website. Always create your account yourself; never ask someone to do it for you. These measures are necessary to guarantee your safety.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Does the person's description of Crowd1 match the official information provided by Crowd1? As previously mentioned, Crowd1 is not an investment opportunity.
  2. Never trust strangers online. If something sounds way too good to be true, it probably is.

Crowd1 operates exclusively through its official channels; links can be found below.

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