Step back in time with Miggster Retro

Miggster Mobile Social Gaming was launched at the end of 2020, with the mission to revolutionise the world of mobile gaming. Since then, subscribers from all over the world have played, competed, and won prizes through Miggster. Now Miggster are travelling back in time, bringing classic 80s games into the 21st century.

For many, the 80s were the golden age of gaming. PacMan uttered his first wacka wacka and Donkey Kong introduced us to an agile young fellow who would grow up to be our beloved Mario. The Legend of Zelda stole our hearts, and our free time, while millions cultivated addictions to Tetris. Adults and kids alike flocked to the arcade, while consoles such as the Atari 7800 and the Nintendo Entertainment System filled homes with 8-bit heroes.

Plenty of gamers are too young to have played the classics that paved the way for the blockbusters they enjoy today. While Miggster subscribers range from 18-65 years old, anyone younger than 40 may struggle to remember the games that started it all. That doesn’t mean they aren’t familiar with them, in fact many will have played poorly ported browser versions of these 80s classics or recognise them from shows such as Netflix’s Stranger Things.

With an ever increasing demand for nostalgia gameplay, Miggster hopes to bring 80s classic gaming into the 21st century through their custom built emulators. The preservation of classic games on Miggster will keep iconic titles alive for generations to come, while giving older gamers a chance to revisit their glory days.

Dangerous Dave (Action)

The first retro game coming to Miggster is Dangerous Dave. The original is a tricky platformer where the player attempts to navigate increasingly dangerous levels as Dave tries to infiltrate the lair of his devious nemesis,Clyde. The object of the game is to collect gold cups to progress through the levels with the chance to pick up a host of rewards along the way.

According to creator John Romero, the game was inspired by the Super Mario franchise, and the similarities are quite striking. Secret rooms, tricky platforming levels, and the small red cap all speak to the influence of the 8-bit Italian.

Digger (Puzzle)

The second retro game coming to Miggster is the 2D subterranean puzzler, Digger. The player pilots a Digger (what else?) and must dig a maze of tunnels to reach the emeralds and bags of gold hidden beneath the ground. The Digger is beset by the nasty “Nobbins” and “Hobbins” that inhabit the earth and must avoid or destroy them. Nobbins can only take routes excavated by the player, while the trickier Hobbins can dig their own tunnels and take you by surprise.

More retro games will be added for Miggster subscribers on a rolling basis. Miggster already hosts a huge library of games on their platform and with the addition of Miggster Retrogaming it is set to expand even further.