Swedish Radio Feature on Crowd1 was not Impartial

On the 29th of March 2021, the Swedish Broadcasting Commission judged that a Sveriges Radio feature about Crowd1 did not meet the required standard of impartiality. The feature was a part of the radio program Hanna Hellquist, Ines och Jörgen Lötgård i P3, (2020-06-24).

In the feature, two journalists spoke about an article they had written about Crowd1. The article was published in media outlets SvD (Svenska Dagbladet) and Breakit. Based on the journalists’ statements, connections in the feature were made between the company and the pyramid scheme business model, which is illegal in Sweden. 

The journalists read statements given by Crowd1 in response to the articles they had written. However, the Commission considered that the criticism of Crowd1 expressed by SR's employees required the right to reply. The fact that SR did not give Crowd1 the opportunity to respond to the employees criticism means that the feature did not fulfill the requirements for impartiality. 

The radio program was produced by Sveriges Radio AB (SR), Sweden's publicly funded national radio broadcaster. 

Our submission contained the following:

Sveriges Radio AB (SR) undermined and sidelined their role as impartial news media when/as the radio show hosts clearly took a stand and presented personal views on several occasions without leaving room for comment from the party in question.

Crowd1 was not invited to the program and was not informed that it would be broadcast. Nor was the company given the opportunity to respond in retrospect to the serious and erroneous accusations made by the presenters and the invited guests against the company's activities. Crowd1 has not had any communication or correspondence with SR.

Sveriges Radio AB shall publish the board's decision in a public, appropriate manner. 

The decision was made by Dag Mattsson, Clas Barkman, Bo-Erik Gyberg, Gunnar Springfeldt, Kristina Åberg and Erik Fichtelius after a presentation by Tamara Mivelli.

Official Document from Granskningsnämnden (In Swedish)

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