Crowd1 Inspiration: Tech Ideas that are Changing the World

Among positive Crowd1 news and stories, we introduce to you this follow up episode of the series called Crowd1 Inspiration. The Crowd1 Inspiration series is dedicated to sharing business and motivational related content, in order to inspire your personal success. Ever fantasized about what the future will look like? Read about these innovative tech ideas that might change the way we live going forward. 

Space tourism

We can virtually fly to any country in the world without any trouble, but what if we could all one day see the earth from space? Companies such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and even Amazon’s Blue Origin, want to make it a reality one day, and give us a (very expensive) seat aboard a spaceship.

Hyper-fast trains

Another Elon Musk backed company, Hyperloop is a high speed underground transport system that is currently being built and tested in America. The first route planned will go from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Another route is planning to go from New York to Washington D.C. in 29 minutes rather than the 2 hours 56 minutes it takes at the moment. Hyper-fast trains that go underground and underwater could revolutionise not just public transport, but international travel too. Imagine being able to speed from one country to another in the same time it currently takes to travel between towns. 

Wearable screens

We might be currently daydreaming of foldable phones and screens, but the tech future might as well be screenless. There are plenty of touch-capable projector-like devices that can beam usable screens onto your skin, clothing or other surfaces. The future smartphone tech might not even require a device in your pocket but something you wear or have implanted.

3D printed food

We are not quite in a world where Star Trek replicators exist and we can magic up anything we want out of thin air. But 3D printing technology is coming along quickly and companies are already experimenting with printing food. Fridge running a bit low? Not a problem for you in the future, you just print some cakes, vegetables, or even a pizza. We are dreaming big here. 

For the full list of steps of tech gadgets and how they might change the world, check out the article originally published in CROWD magazine vol.4 at Crowd1.

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