TED x Women Lotta Spjut

Through a LinkedIn request, and with only ten days to prepare, Crowd1 member Lotta Spjut was asked to participate in TEDx WOMEN in Uppsala, Sweden, on the 18th of November. Not only is she the first Crowd1 member to host a TED talk, she is the first person to be invited to host a TEDx talk about network marketing. 

The topic was “Fearless,” how did you approach it? 

Actually, I did not put so much into the topic “Fearless” itself. I know that many people are stopping themselves from many things including opportunities because of fear; fear of success, fear of failure, fear of something new.

What are instances in your life when you have felt truly fearless? 

I know that everyone feels fear for different reasons but I have learned that fear is a feeling and a feeling comes after a thought. This means that fear does not really exist, it is made up by us. It doesn’t mean that I am fearless all the time, of course not. I can sometimes get the feeling of fear about things that could happen to my kids. But most of the time, I don’t allow fear inte my brain. I think it’s a waste of time to put energy towards things that might not even happen–most often they don’t. 

Lotta’s re-interpretation of fear

F = Forget

E = Everything

A = And 

R = Rise

During your TEDx talk, you revealed that you had been one of the ignorant people who lacked knowledge about one of the largest industries out there. Talk about that. 

When I started I had one of the most hectic years in my life working as a teacher at school, holding courses for companies and private people in health and nutrition and writing my master thesis. I did not have time to think so much, I just did what my mentor told me to do and it was just one more thing in my schedule. I was very tired at that time but I also found that when I attended networking classes I got my energy back. I met a lot of different people from different backgrounds that showed me that it didn’t matter if you were a housewife, someone without a degree, a doctor, a pilot or whatever else to be successful. It took me six months to have better earnings with my network than I had in my traditional work. Plus, I had a lot more energy. 

Tell me about the concept of “Freedom under responsibility.” 

Home-based business gives you the freedom of choosing when to work, where to work and with who. This also means freedom under responsibility. Many people get a shock when they start their own home-based business, going from being employed and having someone tell you exactly what to do. Then you are suddenly your own boss and your own employee. That can be a challenge in the beginning so it is important to listen and take advice from the ones that have walked the walk before you. The network marketing business is work just like any other business. If you don’t do your work as an employee you will get fired. In network marketing, you can ask yourself every evening if you have done the work to keep you or fire you. 

"Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can."

You also brought up the term, “Gold digger” in the context of network marketing. Please explain that. 

Gold diggers are, according to me, people that think being successful in business has to do with luck. And that successful people are lucky. They come into business without intentions to do the work but “Hope” that someone or something will make them rich, like a game or lottery. These people either start to learn about what work is needed or they stop and say that network business doesn’t work. 

What do you want people to take away from your TEDx talk? 

My TEDx talk is first of all a tribute to everyone working in our industry and to celebrate them! I also want to make people aware of how crises can lead to opportunities if we are open to see them. If I can just plant a seed, and then next time when someone hears the word network marketing maybe they will remember what I said and the pictures I showed. I am happy because I know we can’t change people's minds with one TEDx talk, but I am sure that some people will think differently next time. It is a start. 

Lotta is a successful network marketing entrepreneur from Sweden with a background in education and leadership. She has a Masters Degree in Didactic and a Bachelor of Education and has taught at both elementary school– and university level. You can find her TEDx speech on YouTube and TEDx’s official website.