The Basics of Crowd1

If you're new to Crowd1, it's vital that you spend the first few days or even the first few weeks with doing research on the company. Without a basic understanding of Crowd1 and its business, there are multiple risks. One of them is being phished or scammed by criminals online who are pretending to be from Crowd1.

Occasionally it happens that people scam others online, pretending to act in the name of Crowd1.By pretending to be well-intentioned Affiliates of Crowd1, or a company executive, they convince people to "invest" by transferring large sums of money.

Please keep in mind that Crowd1 is not an investment opportunity and has never claimed to be one.

If you aren't sure if you are being contacted by a legitimate Crowd1 Affiliate, make sure to do your research and be careful. If you are contacted by a source claiming to be Crowd1, make sure that it is from one of the accounts below. Crowd1 does not operate through Whatsapp.

If you want to create a crowd1 account, visit Crowd1's official website here.