The Company Behind Miggster: Meet the CEO of Emerge Gaming

Emerge gaming, together with Crowd1, announced in September 2020 that their new eSport platform Miggster Mobile was set to launch in November 2020. Emerge gaming also revealed that the platform would be marketed through Crowd1’s ambitious Affiliates. Today, in 2021, Miggster has an astonishing 1.000.000 paid subscribers!

Back in 2020, Emerge CEO Gregory Stevens explained what sets Miggster apart from existing gaming products.

“With Miggster, the objective is to build the world’s biggest online gaming community. The Miggster products will deliver community tools including chat, friends and team functionality, laying the foundation for gamer engagement in the online network. Entertaining content, including mobile games, AAA gaming titles, tournaments, rewards and live streams to global audiences, will feed the online community’s insatiable eSport and gaming appetite.”

We know that most people are playing games on their phones, but is it a big market? Do people pay to play?

“By the end of 2020, eSports hours viewed will reach 11 billion by a fanatical audience of 250 million watching live and online. The mobile gaming industry is expected to top US$100 billion by 2021, achieving a decade of double- digit growth, making these amongst the fastest-growing markets in the world. People are definitely playing social mobile, and online eSports games with the onset of COVID really accelerated this trend.”

Visit Miggster's website here.