Crowd1 Inspiration: The Dos & Don'ts of business

Among positive Crowd1 news and stories, we introduce to you this follow up episode of the series called Crowd1 Inspiration. The Crowd1 Inspiration series is dedicated to sharing business and motivational related content, in order to inspire your personal success.

No matter how long you've been in the game, as a business professional, going back to the basics is important. With a solid foundation to stand on, it facilitates expressing yourself in a professional way. The first impression lasts, so make sure to present yourself in a way that others will remember. Read more about the dos and don'ts of business in this article.

Presenting yourself 

Having an appropriate attitude and knowing how to present yourself properly is essential in becoming a better business person. Wear clothes that are appropriate for  the meeting and time of day. When you meet someone new, greet them  in a  way  that  is appropriate for their culture. Don't be scared of using eye contact. There is no need to use an excessive amount of eye contact, actually, be careful as this might cause the opposite effect as it can be unappealing. If the greeting is a handshake, have a good grip not too soft or too firm. Loud and clear tell them your first name and surname and listen carefully when they are telling you theirs. Maybe even repeat it but make sure to memorize it and use it often. Each time you use someone's name, they will feel more important and like they have a connection with you. This also results in the fact that they will listen more carefully to what you say. It's a matter of mutual respect and feeling seen.

Structure your emails

Sending an email might seem like the easiest thing to learn and do, but there are a few key things to keep in mind. These things are key because they will make your ways of communicating with new people more efficient. One thing of importance is to always make sure to write the subject when starting a new email. The purpose of the subject-line is to give the receiver a hint regarding the contents of your email. It can also help catch their attention, so try making it interesting yet concise.

Start your email off with either “Hello”, “Dear” or “Greetings” followed by the full name of the person you are communicating with. Please don’t use any nicknames and make sure that you spell their name correctly. These are good starters as they are the right amount of formal and to the point. Using “Dear Sir or Madam”, even though it’s formal, tells us that you have not bothered to make an effort and look up a contact name. Don’t use any emoticons or an extreme amount of exclamation marks as this is not a conversation between you and your friend but a potential business connection. The general rule about writing emails is not to make it too difficult for yourself, be brief but always to the point.

For the full list of dos and don'ts of business, check out the article originally published in CROWD magazine vol.5 at Crowd1.

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