The July 2021 Mega Event Speakers

The countdown has begun and we are getting closer to the July 2021 Mega Event. The theme of the event is From Reactive to Proactive. As always, we have guest speakers joining us on stage. Continue reading to learn more about the remarkable speakers who will be speaking at this event.

Anthony Chatelain

Anthony Chatelain is one of four Crowd1 entrepreneurs ever to reach Ambassador level.  With an MIT degree in nuclear engineering, he is now working full time with crowd marketing. Anthony Chatelain has previously spoken on the Crowd1 stage during events and as a guest speaker at the Dubai leadership training.

Anthony is a confident and caring leader who is always willing to guide, help, and support those around him and in his crowd. He always gives his all and ensures that credit is given where credit is due. He will share his opinions and way of thinking with the audience at the Mega Event, determined and passionate. His goal is to assist people in becoming the best versions of themselves and excelling in their careers.

Tune in on July 3rd to take part of Anthony Chatelains inspiring speech and learn more about his journey to Ambassador level.

If you want to read more about Anthony, take a look at his Spotlight from the CROWD magazine.

Peter Jakobsson

On the Crowd1 stage, Peter Jakobsson is a familiar figure. He has participated in many events as well as most recently, the leadership training in Dubai. He is a motivational speaker who inspires audiences with his positive energy and passion. Peter Jakobsson is particularly interested in the psychological aspects of leadership, networking, and entrepreneurship. While keeping the audience engaged, Peter Jakobsson shifts perspectives and teaches new ways on how to use your most powerful asset; your mind!

His name precedes him, and he has a way of capturing the attention of everyone in the room. He encourages the audience to take a fresh approach to things and to become more aware of their own talents and abilities. We guarantee that when Peter Jakobsson returns to Crowd1's stage on July 3rd for the Mega Event, you will leave with fresh insights and be more than ready to work hard to achieve your goals!

If you are interested in listening to Peter Jakobsson today, take a look at his Mindoe course Get Started

What is Mindoe?

Mindoe is an educational platform which offers inspirational and motivational courses in 10 different languages. The courses are in an audiobook format but if you prefer reading over listening, all course transcripts are available for download.

Don't forget to tune in on Saturday, July 3rd at 2 p.m. to see this incredible show! Even more streamlined than before, filled with business inspiration and a spectacular show. Register your tickets in the back office.