The Power of Easy Event Recap

On the 12th of September, 2020, it was once again time for another Crowd1 Online World Event. The theme was the Power of Easy. An event filled with exciting and breathtaking performances in addition to appearances by some of the biggest Crowd1 speakers today. For anyone not able to attend the Power of Easy Event, here is a short recap of what you missed out on.


Compensation Plan

The event offered a clear and thorough presentation of the Crowd1 compensation plan. The plan is created with a clear aim to distribute the sales commission Crowd1 receives from the sales of products to the members. It is the best plan in the industry with help from the economy of scale, digital products, and the continuously growing network. The Crowd1 plan uses a 1:3 scale compared with competitors who use a scale of or less than 1:1. You can find more information about the different bonuses and how they are used in your Crowd1 news and back office.


Company Update 

In a sit down with moderator Sabinje von Gaffke, Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) CEO Johan Staël von Holstein discussed different Crowd1 news and stated that there are ongoing changes within the company. Changes to the business structure will be made in order to improve Crowd1 in order to make the company grow and be more successful than it is today. Crowd1 is evolving into something new, leaving the traditional MLM-industry behind and becoming a direct sales company. During 2021 and 2022 the product library will undergo major changes and will be even more accessible, providing a wide array of new products and services. Crowd1 members will most certainly find their niche and reach their full capacity as salespeople with the improvements to ICT. 

Local products

Another Crowd1 news is that the global head of events, Hanna Kimblad held a presentation regarding two Crowd1 local products. Crowd1 is currently doing the rollouts of products SAfer and Tribute. These products are for the time being available only for members in South Africa and Nigeria respectively.



The event also gave us an important update on Miggster. Latest Crowd1 News Miggster is the mobile gaming platform that will change the industry forever. Miggster offers a bigger variety of high-quality online games than any other existing platform. Games for all kinds of gamers, experienced or inexperienced, there will be an alternative for everyone. Miggster will also offer tournaments with chances to win great prizes. The product is set to launch the 14th of November and the countdown has begun. Make sure not to miss out on any important further updates.



Network founder Jonas. E Werner held a presentation discussing the upcoming launch of revolutionary EpicLotto in December 2020. The launch of the product was unfortunately delayed due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Epic1Lotto will be available for people all around the Crowd1 world and in many different languages. More information will come so make sure to stay tuned.



The event offered an update on one of the latest Crowd1 news and partnership, the online travel agency LifeTRNDS. It can be accessed in your back office, through the C-store. Since the launch of LifeTRNDS and the partnership, there have been over 2.5 million registered users. The partnership enables all Crowd1 members to book discounted travels where the accumulated profit will be brought back to you through your compensation plan with Crowd1. It is a fantastic opportunity and partnership so if you use it, make sure to leave a LifeTRNDS Crowd1 review.

The update included a presentation of the LifeTRNDS platinum subscription. It is an exclusive, by invitation only, membership program. The platinum subscription is a one year, prepaid subscription. By paying only 59 euro per month access is given to exclusive discounts that need to be seen in order for you to believe them. 


Crowd1 Impactor

Crowd1 members around the world are doing extraordinary things to help people and their communities. The Crowd1 news and event update regarding Crowd1 Impactor showed what different teams have achieved and showcased their actions to help others. With donations of food to hungry people or providing schools with supplies, they helped in ways that matched their values. For any members interested in sharing their story, we ask you to use the hashtag #Crowd1Impactor so that we can find your story and share it with the rest of Crowd1. Check out the Crowd1 Team “The Achievers”, one of our first Impactors. We are sure that there will be many more in the near future. Having a positive impact on your community is something that we highly encourage in order to help make the world a better place. 

No one can do everything but everyone can do something!

Peter Jakobsson

International business philosopher Peter Jakobsson gave another appreciated speech as a part of Sunday school. He discussed the attitude of success and how it will affect your beliefs and commitment. An inspiring, motivational speech that could help anyone struggling with setting the correct mindset and the mindset needed for success. 


Crowd1 Directors

Sabinijie von Gaffke sat down with a few of the successful directors and mentors who joined Crowd1 in place in Stockholm, Sweden for the Power of Easy Event. Interesting topics regarding Crowd1 News, motivation, inspiration, equality, and business were discussed. Hearing about their different and unique backgrounds, personal driving forces, and the best advice on how to succeed. They received the full Power of Easy experience packed with interesting happenings, lectures, and networking dinners. A full recap of the Power of Easy experience will be available to read on the Crowd1 blog soon.


“Streetsmart” Ambassador, Anthony Chatelain

Anthony Chatelain who might be more recognised for his alias “Streetsmart” held a live speech. Mr. Chatelain is a 1-star ambassador and shared with us his own inspiring story and the superpowers that he learned. An inspiring story filled with struggle, success, hard work, and commitment. Mr. Chatelain shared his story and gave his Crowd1 review with the purpose to inspire and encourage people to work harder.


CROWD Magazine

CROWD Magazine editor in chief Amanda Carlsson presented the latest updates regarding CROWD magazine. The magazine is meant to be used as an introduction to and as promotional material for Crowd1. Whenever you are introducing Crowd1 to a new person, hand over the magazine and let them explore its contents. In addition to her update, we also launched the fourth edition of the CROWD magazine. With Alice Svensson on the cover page, the CROWD magazine features amazing Crowd1 success stories and spotlights from around the globe that did not get the recognition they deserved

 To top it off, it was reminded that the last 18 pages of every magazine are dedicated to the top leaders, those who work the hardest. If you work hard enough you might find yourself on one of those pages in the near future. You can purchase a digital and physical copy of the CROWD Magazine, and it is currently available in the C-Store.


The super world events are a great way for Crowd1 to share company updates and future visions and a way to interact with members. Without the members, Crowd1 would not be what it is today. On the 10th of October, 2020, we will broadcast a recognition event that you do not want to miss. Tickets are already available for purchase in the back office, make sure to gather all of your friends and family for another spectacular event.