The true and un-cut version of the Crowd1 interview at Devi show

There are very many opinions about Crowd1. We who work with and in the company on a daily basis naturally see what incredible potential Crowd1 has. So do our opponents in the market. They are scared and act in panic.

Now, however, they have gone too far. Enough is enough!

Crowd1 appears frequently in media all over the world, but in an interview this week in South Africa, it went very wrong. Crowd1 is very happy to set up interviews, but we find it very sad when it's edited in a way that is meant to hurt and harm us.

On Friday, a feature was broadcast on Devi Show that contained several serious factual errors despite Crowd1 lined up with two very competent people, Jonathan Strom and Johan Westerdahl, to really explain to the reporter how Crowd1 works and how we should achieve total success. Some of the errors:

The producer of the TV-show chooses to cut our answers and just revile parts of the answer.

  • As in the case were, we try to explain about the Educational packages and they just took few words out of the full sentence.
  • Or they cut our answer about paying tax in South Africa.

They also state directly incorrect facts as:

  • That you need to buy an Educational package to be able to start working with Crowd1.
  • That you earn commission from recruiting other persons when the truth is that all commission is based on product sales.
  • That Norway have stated that Crowd1 is a Pyramid Scheme, which is untrue, and we also stated that during the interview.
  • That the three companies that connect to Johan Staël von Holstein has not been liquidated as they state.

Of course, WE also recorded the interview - from OUR side of the camera. It is about 40 minutes long where Jonathan and Johan get to explain what Crowd1 is and is not. Un-edited.

You can find it here and we really want you to share it with this text so that the truth comes out:

It has now been discovered that death threats against our members have emerged on social platforms. This feels unreal.

We understand that there are forces in the market that want to harm us, but that their lies would lead to this we never thought.

To all of you who are behind this - competitors, bought media, bad people - we just say; shame on you!

Crowd1 is the future of many millions of people around the world. Accept it once and for all.

Thank you for reading