This is Now Episode 2

The first episode of This is Now received great feedback and was appreciated by Crowd1 Affiliates all over the world. February 14th, it was time for Crowd1 to release This is Now Episode 2. The Crowd1 special includes product updates as well as vital company information and new updates. Watch the episode to hear from other Affiliates and take part in exclusive interviews with Crowd1 leaders and ambassadors!

We want to make sure that every Affiliate can take part of the important information that is shared regarding Crowd1. This company and business requires that people not only stay updated themselves, but also share information with people around them. If you haven't managed to keep up with Back Office News and social media, we recommend that you watch this Episode of This is Now. Those who have kept up with current events will, of course, find the episode to be equally as educational. The video can be found down below.