Top 3 Business Podcasts For The Summer

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Summer is here and we’re all looking for new ways to take advantage of the world opening up again. Business usually booms around this time, and no one wants to miss out on a perfect opportunity to grow their business. But how to do it? Where do we start? Fortunately, Crowd1 has been on the case, and we have found our top 3 favourite business podcasts that give helpful tips on where to start, what steps to take, and what to take into account in order to really maximise your earnings and be successful.

1. Planet Money

The go-to podcast for any Crowd1 enthusiasts and economy fanatics out there. Planet Money breaks down all of the basics, the hidden rules, and the secret tips of how the economy works, how a successful business operates, and how you can improve your chances of making it big. They really get into the nitty gritty of the finance world, and so many episodes have taught us a great amount about the way of things, from surprising facts about bankruptcy to how net worths actually get calculated. With excellent, knowledgeable presenters and really insightful analysis of the economic climate, Planet Money is the best foundation for any Crowd1 member to level up and improve their business acumen.

2. Youpreneur

A fantastic podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker, every episode of this groundbreaking podcast focuses on you, the motivation you need to get started, and the top tips and secret tricks that will propel you to the next level. Ducker is a big name in the industry, and our Crowd1 group has been following his advice for years, learning a lot about business, finance, and how to handle money. The topics can range from strictly entrepreneurship to how to develop a business mindset and really unlock your true potential. A true great of the podcast industry.

3. BizChix

Our Crowd1 group thinks that BizChix is a true pioneer in the field, being the first and most popular business podcast aimed at women trying to make it in a mostly male-dominated industry. BizChix gets right down to business, with every episode focusing on a different area of business, entrepreneurship, and obstacles that women face on a daily basis in the business world. Their passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge is plain to see, and they bring their expertise and background to the table with every conversation they have. Our Crowd1 group loves BizChix, and we are happy to see more and more podcasts including more diverse perspectives come to the party and achieve success.