Top 6 Business Podcasts to Listen to this Summer

In certain times, you may feel a little lost on your journey to professional growth. Take a look at some of our recommended business podcasts to regain your motivation and dedication to become the brightest entrepreneur possible. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and hopefully, these podcasts will provide just that.

Master of scale

You can't call your podcast something like “Masters of Scale” and not deliver something extraordinary. The podcast was created by a master of scale himself, Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn. With such heavy hitter people like Bill Gates, Ariana Huffington, and Howard Schultz as guests, Masters of Scale is like an all star game of successful entrepreneurs. Reid balances his guest cast with a broad variety of perspectives to keep things fresh.

Mindoe Peter Jakobsson

Peter Jakobsson has multiple courses on Mindoe. His focus lies mostly on the personal growth part of entrepreneurship and how you, working with mental tools, can push yourself and achieve greatness. All Peter Jakobsson courses are exclusive to Crowd1 affiliates. A plus is that Mindoe allows you to listen to the courses as a podcast or to read by downloading the transcript.

The Futur

Chris Do, the founder and CEO of The Futur, has created a podcast that covers all aspects of design, business, and personal branding. For the artistic listener, this podcast offers episodes about illustration and animation. They also go into branding, gender inequality, and how to improve your soft skills. This is a well-rounded podcast with a plethora of information that will benefit you at any point in your career.


Youpreneur is devoted to assisting entrepreneurs in understanding what it takes to build a personal brand in the twenty-first century. Ducker's weekly podcast covers everything from delegation to launching online goods and creating industry authority, and provides vital insight, guidance, and techniques to help company owners thrive.

As Told by Nomads

Tayo Rockson, a digital marketing expert, hosts As Told by Nomads and provides numerous insights to entrepreneurs wanting to make their mark in the business world through digital marketing. This is a wonderful podcast to listen to if you're searching for a creative, out-of-the-box approach to help you grow your business and create your marketing plan.

Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show is an award-winning business podcast presented by Annemarie Cross that aims to help young and struggling businesses succeed and stand out in a crowded industry. Cross covers a wide range of important business subjects, including leadership, internet marketing, money mentality development, business management, and branding.