Travel Differently

According to a National Geographic poll, travel has changed drastically the past year. More than ever before travellers will prioritise their journey’s impacts: on the planet, on destinations and local communities, and on themselves. Discover these trends that we’ve found.

Travel Differently

Help with carbon offsets

Various tour operators offer offsetting air travel by partnering with philanthropic organisations who purchase and protect land in threatened rainforests.

Go on micro-vacations

Travellers are turning their attention to places closer to home where you don’t have to deal with jet lag, an ocean to cross, and long flights that would take up precious

vacation time.

Select green hotels

Travellers are more likely to book a property if they know it’s planet friendly.

Give back

Sustaining and preserving sources of ecosystems is a trend that’s gaining steam in Africa. Tourism to certain areas helps fund upkeep and protection of precious ecosystems.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic

Hotels are starting to provide reusable water bottles and getting rid of plastic single-use toiletries, like shampoo, to limit its guests plastic consumption. 

This article was originally published in CROWD magazine vol.3, available at Crowd1