Uniting through a beautiful game

After joining Crowd1 in July 2019 as a route toward financial freedom, Andile Nkabinde looked around his community in Bergville, South Africa and saw something that concerned him.

“I love my community here in Bergville but every-time I come back, there is one thing that disturbs me and that is to see these young kids that are growing up - they are not able to build a future for themselves. There are no jobs for them.”

Andile Nkabinde and his family.

Nkabinde had worked locally as a waiter growing up, but those jobs are now gone, and he believes this leads to alcohol abuse and teen-age pregnancy among young people. “Teenage pregnancy is being caused by the youth who are consuming alcohol in the community. They don’t have anything to do, so they meet with their friends, drink alcohol and that leads to teenage pregnancy.”

Nkabinde could not sit idly by and watch the community that he loves begin to decay around him. “I could see that there were children that needed assistance.” he said, “Someone that can bring them together, to bring them hope and understanding that they are loved by someone who can take care of them. We are brought together as one community.” It was this belief that led him to buy boots and shirts for the local soccer team that he had played for as a child, as well as buying food for less well off people in his community.

“I have bought food parcels for the past four months for those families that cannot afford to buy food. But that is not my main issue when I come here, to bring food. When they sell food at the tournaments, it allows them to revolve money between themselves.”

“I still need to train them on how to make profit on what they are selling. They just sell, so that they can have something to eat but I’m planning to get someone from Durban to train them on starting a business.”

“The first tournament we had, I bought a sheep for the team to play for. This was the winning prize. The ladies did cook it that day and they made a little bit of money and I want this to continue.”

Nkabinde’s personal philosophy is one that should guide all sustainable ventures: “in our communities, the Crowd1 members have made a lot of money and so now it is our turn to give it back to our communities. We need to uplift them, not just make them a charity case, but uplift them.”