What if you Woke up in a Computer Game?

"Last night I dreamt I was inside a computer game," said Sverker Caron as the screen slowly faded to black and introduced a single dancer on stage. However, it would not take long before lights, cameras, lasers and more dancers would join her to put on a show, unlike anything you have seen before at the Miggster Launch Event on November 14.

I imagine that creating any type of new performance you must start with an idea of a story, correct? What was the story we got to see on stage?

[The story you saw was] about being a part of the game and the platform.

How much rehearsal goes into this?

The lead dancer spent around fifteen hours in the dance studio with me to perfect the timing and attitude of her "dance-playing" the game. The other dancers rehearsed about three hours in the dance studio. After studio rehearsals, we had about a day and a half on stage to put everything together with the visuals, lights and cameras. 

What, specifically, is your role in this?

I was the creator behind it together with the team at Greenwall designs. My role was creating ideas to visualise the gaming platform in a fun way and choreograph the dancers.

What makes a great performance?

Storytelling, for me, is the most important. [Being able to grab] the audience's attention from the first move and making sure they don't want to miss a second of the performance. Another thing is leaving them with an emotional impression and understanding of the message/purpose of the performance. Oh, and of course, feeling entertained!

How do you make sure no two performances are the same?

That comes quite naturally. If I have created a piece once I naturally want to move on to something new.

If you wish to see the performance again, you can find it on Crowd1's official YouTube channel.