What Proactive Means to Anthony Chatelain

CROWD sits down with Crowd1 Ambassador Anthony Chatelain to discuss his inspirational talk at the July 3rd Mega Event, how his background got him to his success today, and why time is more important than money. Learn what the Mega Events theme, "Reactive to Proactive", means to Mr. Chatelain.

When speaking with Crowd1 Ambassador 1 Star Anthony Chatelain, it is obvious that, as varied as the accomplishments in his life are, they all boil down to one simple thing: his love of numbers.

The links between his degree in nuclear engineer-ing from MIT, his career as a professional poker player, and now a top Ambassador at Crowd1, all trace back to a humble childhood that embedded in him the drive to succeed. “I grew up poor as the child of a single mother. I was the first person in my family to go to college. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 28 because we couldn’t afford a car growing up. ''

School and his competitiveness was what set him on his path to success. He had no trouble translating this mathematical prowess into crowd marketing, when upon graduation he was invited to a business meeting for a telephone marketing company.

“'I understood the math behind it, and how wonderful it is to work with leverage when building
a big team. We would go out ourselves and find customers - every time your customer used their phone, we got paid, month after month after month. But it wasn’t only money I was after, it was time. Time is money and residual income is the name of the game”.

Chatelain emphasises the appeal of a crowd marketing career. “I could have made millions work-ing on Wall Street for 80 hours a week. People asked why I was doing crowd marketing and not following that path, but again, it wasn’t money I was after, it was time. Crowd networking offers me the freedom of the laptop lifestyle. You can work whenever and wherever you want. Take last year as an example. Before Covid I was in Guadeloupe and South Africa, I had 20 trips planned around the world”.

Chatelain returned as a guest speaker for theCrowd1 Mega Event held on July 3rd, on the theme of “From Reactive to Proactive”; his talk boiled down to wanting to teach people to be “bigger, bet-ter, stronger, smarter and faster in their business”.

Upon asking his advice to affiliates, he says to“treat this business like it’s a million dollar business. Some people treat this like a €99 business, and then it becomes less important. I view crowd marketing as important as my nuclear engineer-ing degree, or being the top student in my class at university”.

This, at the core, is what the theme of the Mega Event, and being proactive, means to him: taking every opportunity thrown at you with seriousness and motivation. “I stay focused. I listen, but don’t take things to heart- I await to see results. In the end, actions speak louder than words. Lets Gooo!”.