Why CROWD Magazine?

Hello, my name is Amanda and I have been fortunate enough to work with and run the production of CROWD magazine.

This means that I have had the pleasure of interviewing a lot of our members with stories to share. I also get to work very closely with management to get you the inside scoop of what is happening in the company such as product launches and promotions. CROWD magazine is something we came up with as a way to keep our members informed. It’s an additional resource for you to promote us as a company, but also you as a leader within our network.

The last 18 pages of the magazine are dedicated to our top producers. So if you work hard you might see your name there. The magazine always coincides with our events. So whenever we have an event – expect a new magazine. You can find it in your back office in the C store where you are able to buy both digital and physical copies. So why should you care about it? I’ll tell you why. I don’t sit down each month making the magazines for me. It’s for you. Whenever anyone has any questions about Crowd1, you can just wave a copy of the magazine in front of them. Guys, what screams legitimacy and seriousness more than actually holding a tangible product in your hand.

These  magazines  should  be  everywhere.  They  should  be  in  hotel lobbies and on your kitchen counter. It’s promotion material you need to bring with you whenever you meet someone new. If we are going to double in size by Christmas, we have to keep Crowd1 on everyone's lips. Talk about it. Show people. Use this magazine to get the message out there.

Until next issue,

Amanda Carlsson, Editor in Chief