Why you Should keep a Gratitude Journal

Each new year comes with ideas for ways to better yourself in the coming year. These days, one of the common suggestions is to practice gratitude. This might make you wonder what the purpose is of a gratitude journal. Why take time each day to write down things for which you are thankful? It's not like you are going to show the list to anyone, so why bother?

A gratitude journal serves a very practical purpose. Being grateful for what you have gives you a positive mindset. It opens your mind and your hands to receive what life has to offer. Gloomy people are closed off and unreceptive to the good that is all around. Positive people invite more positivity into their lives.

Furthermore, if you are keeping a journal of good things, you will constantly be on the lookout for good things. Unless you are fine with writing "My family, my friends, and my home" each day, you will be seeking different ideas to go on your list.

There's something about writing things down that solidifies them in the mind and heart. Sure, at the end of the day, you could mentally list things you appreciate, but writing them down makes them more real somehow. Plus, as you go, you have an accumulated list of good things in your life.

When keeping a thankfulness journal, think about things for which you don't really feel all that thankful and find a silver lining. If you are not thrilled with your job, there must be some reason you still work there.Do you get to use your skill set? Does it supply your family with money for the things they need? Maybe it just gives you a chance to smile at others throughout the day. Write those things on your list.

After a number of things are on your list, you will begin to get a fresh perspective of yourself and your life. You will see the things that truly matter to you, and you can focus on those things more. Seeing a catalogue of things that are important to you can help you cut down or eliminate that which is unimportant.

And finally, on days when you feel as though nothing is going right and the world is against you, you can look back on your list and be inspired by all the good that is in your life. Gratitude journals are a practical tool to keep a positive mindset and live your best life.